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Things to do in Odessa


The dolphinarium is a long one of the city's biggest beaches as is open all year round. The dolphinarium in Odessa is the only one that is open all year in all of Ukraine. It has a retractable roof for open air performances in the summer and indoor shows during the winter. Each night features a variety of shows, all involving dolphins as well as sea lions. On Certain nights they feature laser light shows, theme parties and other interesting events. Some nights even feature Russian pop bands that often create shows that are synchronized with Dolphin's movements. The many Services at the dolphinarium for guests include swimming with the dolphins, photos with the dolphins and seals and private parties are also available. Dolphinarium Nemo also features a kid's café and a souvenir store.

Dolphinarium "Nemo"
Address: Lanzheron beach
Telephone: (048) 787-20-10, (0482) 35-24-44
Performances - Tue-Fri - 12.00, 15.00, 18.00
Sat, Sun - 12.00, 15.00, 18.00
Monday - Closed
Ticket Prices
Weekdays - children - 20 grn. adult - 30 grn.
Weekend - children - 30 grn. adult - 40 grn.
Children up to 5 y.o. - free admission
night show - 60 grn.


Taking an Odessa city tour is a great way to spend a couple of hours during the day. On the tour you will see all the main sights of Odessa. Included in the tour are the Opera House, Odessa Music Comedy Theater, Odessa State Archaeological Museum, Odessa Regional History Museum, Literary museum, Potemkin Steps, Philharmonic Hall, Vorontsov Palace, Spaco Preobrazhensky Cathedral, City Hall and the town's main monuments and churches and many places of interest on the main street in Odessa Deribasovskya Street.

Tour Duration: approx 2.5 hrs. Price: $50

Address: Shevchenko park
Telephone: 728-72-05
opening hours 11.00 - 22.00
Prices - new carts CRG Spitfire 10 min - 70 grn. 5 min - 40 grn.
old carts MsKart 10min - 60 grn. 5 min - 35 grn.


The Zoo in Odessa's is located in the center of the city, right next to Privoz and just a short walk from the Odessa train station. The Zoo's Animal collection is over 200 different animals and the Odessa zoo is the only one in Ukraine with Indian elephants. The separate sections of the zoo are home to its wide variety of birds as well as exhibition of wild insects. The Zoo has a cafe with outdoor seating so you can be close to the animals during the summer. The zoo is open all year. The cost of admission is only 5 UAH and is free for children under 5 years old

Telephone: 0482 251473
Address: Odessa, Novoshchepniy St 25 (close to Privoz Market)
Opening Hours are 9.00 am to 8.00 pm in the summer
                           9.00 am 5.00 pm in the winter

Various boat trips are available from a trip down to Arcadia and back, to a trip on a luxury cruiser down to the Crimea. Prices vary from $50 per hour to $150 and even higher depending on the size of the boat.

Cruise off the coast of Odessa in a 14 meter Yacht with capacity for 8 passengers plus 3 crew members.Price is approx $80 per hour incl (for the boat).Departures are from Otrada Yacht club.Duration of the trips is by arrangement.Food is not included in the price.Availability is between 1st May and end of October.

A trip from Odessa to Yalta and finishing in Simferopol in the Crimea.Titled "Unknown Crimea" the trip takes in Balaklava and Cape Faros,a total of 380 miles and lasting some 7 days.Price is approx $1200 one way. Available between the 1st May and end of October. Vessels are typically between 8 and 12 meters long and 2 and 4 meters wide. Crew members normally number 2. Passenger capacity varies between 5 and 10 persons.

Further information:
Katamaran Tour company
Address: 9b Fontanskaya Doroga St
Telephone: +380 48 7178740

A trip across the Black Sea to Istanbul.Typical itinerary is to depart Odessa Seaport at 19.00.Cabaret and Disco are part of the entertainment available on board the Caledonia.Day two en route to destination.Day three arrive 09.00 at Istanbul.This and day four spent enjoying the city.The vessel returns on day five and arrives back in Odessa between 13.00 and 14.00 on day six.Availability is all year round.Fares are around $207 Second Class return and $538 First Class return.On board meals are included.

Departure from Odessa - Saturday, 18.00
Arive Istanbul - Monday, 08.00
Depart from Istanbul - Tue, 00.00
Arrive Odessa - Thu, 12.00

"Yuzhnaya Palmira"
Departure from Odessa - Mondays, 16.00
Arrive Istanbul - Tue, 16.30
Depart Istanbul - Fri, 10.00
Arrive Odessa - Sat, 11.30

Further Information:Ukr ferry Head Office
Address: 4a, Sabanskiy lane, Odessa, 65014, Ukraine
Telephone: +380(482)344-059
Fax: +380(482)348-297; 348-108
Telex: 732124 FERRY UX
Inmarsat-C: (581)492558010


The Odessa circus is just a few minutes walk from Deribasovkaya Street, The building of the circus was built in 1894 and is the original building. There are nightly performances for kids and adults alike. The circus can hold up to 2300 people and features nightly shows displaying everything from animal acts to clumsy clowns and is a great way to spend a few hours with the kids.

Address: 25 Koblevskaya Street
Telephone: 726-90-90 or 099-27-27-330


The White Fortress (Belgorod-Dnestrovsky) is one of the most ancient locations on the planet and in Ukraine. It is 2500 years old. It was founded by people who came from the Middle-East town of Milet. They built it in the mouth of the Tiras River (now the Dniester) and called it Tira. The Fortress exhibits a set of well-known monuments of historical importance. This architectural achievement of Medieval Defense is a sight to see.

Location: 30 miles from Odessa


Odessa sits over 2000 kilometers of sandstone tunnels, the Catacombs. The soft sandstone provided the construction materials for must of the old section of Odessa. The Catacombs in the where used as hiding place for smugglers who stored there stolen goods. They where used during World War 2 by Ukrainian Partisans numbering around 6000, They used the Tunnels as a base from which to attack the occupying Nazi troops, killing an estimated 3000 of them. The tour is in the village of Nerubaiskoye, which is about 30 minutes from Odessa. A visit to the Catacombs Museum is part of the tour and includes exhibits of various weapons, radio receivers, old passports, photos of the Partisans and more .Access to the Catacombs from the Museum is via the original staircase used by the partisans. The Catacombs should only be visited on an official tour. Because there are many stories of people getting lost and disappearing in the Catacombs. Many of there remains have been found later.

Duration of the Tour: approximately 2.5 hours. Cost: $60


The Poseidon Water Park – is a beautiful pleasure resort for the locals and the visitors to Odessa. The Water Park is located in Chabanka – a resort of the Black Sea cost and 30 km from Odessa .This is the only covered water complex in Eastern Europe and the largest. The Water Park is located in a four-storey building of glass and concrete with 3 pools (one for grown-ups and two for children), 10 side-shows, hydro massages and geysers. Water Park can hold up to 500 persons at the same time. The children's pools are 30 cm and 1 m deep. The adult's pool is 1, 4 m deep. The temperature of the water is 28-30 degree, and the air is 30-32 degree. At the water park you can have a rest, have some fun and the waterfalls, underwater geysers, swim in the pools equipped with the special hydro massage walls.

The extreme-lovers are offered 10 attractions. 6 are for Adults and 4 are for children
Cosmic cylinder
Hydro massage wall
Underwater geysers
The most interesting is the water slide Streamer, 156 m long, beginning inside of the building and going on outside then coming back under the glass cupola.
The park also offers other services:
2 Restaurants
4 individual solariums
Uncovered solarium-terrace
A Fitness-bar and many others
Like an ocean wave crest the pearly-blue stage arises over the water kingdom, where the symphony orchestra can be accommodated with its full complement freely. All these will make you unforgettable effect.
Entrance Prices: 3 hours Adult ticket - $10.00 Children's tickets (up to 12) - $7.00
                        1 hour Adult Ticket - $5.00 Children's ticket (up to 12) - $3.50
Open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Summer Hours - open daily,
Winter Hours - Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Telephone: 384827509967
Address: 30 kilometers from the Odessa