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Restaurants in Odessa
Restaurant La Fleur

Restaurant La Fleur is located in the famous Odessa area next to the Cathedral Square, on the second floor of a flower gallery. This is one of three exciting stories of beauty, harmony and, of course, gastronomy. In the menu except the light and nourishing salads, unusual meat and fish dishes, delicate and bright soups you will discover the mysteries of Mediterranean cuisine. Certainly, it would be an unforgivable mistake not to provide a completely unique - genuine Odessa cuisine. For true Odessa knows what's what in the food. And all this happens in an atmosphere of overwhelming beauty of living plants, heady aroma of flowers and cooking odors that exite your imagination and appetite. Restaurant La Fleur - an ideal venue for banquets, business lunch, for the fans and fun parties, business meetings, corporate events, late supper and an early breakfast, romantic dates, weddings, social life, holidays with the whole family and friends, foreigners, and simple dinner at a reasonable price Children's parties at the restaurant La Fleur is a special approach to little customers! Your children will find themselves knights, princesses, pirates and fairies. If you do not want your celebration went on special scenario - we will create it for you. Designers come up with design, video operators will make an unforgettable film about the event, and chef will prepare an exclusive holiday menu. Be sure to come to us! In the restaurant La Fleur You probably forget that you do not want to remember, relax, rest, to dream, and certainly want to return again and again

Address : 25 Preobrazhenskaya street
Telephone : (8-048) 729 - 4858 or 729 - 4859
Hours : 9.00 till last client
Web Address :

Restaurant Nemo

The sea breeze, shouts of the seagulls, playing dolphins, an unforgettable Italian cuisine and warm, hospitable atmosphere - here that waits for you at our restaurant on to seacoast!

Address :25 Langeron Beach
Telephone : 38048 7008239
Hours to
Web Address :

Royal Thai Restaurant

The restaurant's interior is designed in a classic traditional style of Thailand, for which he was awarded the "Golden Arch" at the architectural implementations. For those who like to constantly try new delicacies, "Devarana" attract a variety of culinary delights on the menu. We offer unique Thai dishes with a diverse range of spices and herbs. Our delicious salads, appetizers and desserts are always - from the freshest components. The originality of design and traditional Thai dishes add piquancy to any dish royal restaurant Devarana. Our staff, specialists and skill, and an experienced Thai chef - chef know all the secrets of the traditional classical Thai cuisine. In the process of making products using the highest quality, exotic ingredients, according to Thai tradition. Visit our restaurant, attraction to traditional Thai cuisine for you to be a fascinating culinary journey to Thailand - a tropical paradise. Most of our dishes, forming a harmony of taste, color and content to pass the 5 basic tastes: they are both bitter, salty, sweet, sour and sharp. This delicate balance is achieved by mixing spices our Thai specialists, so you can enjoy the exquisite taste of our dishes. A traditional Thai meal consists of a set of the following dishes: curries, soup, salad, main dishes with special sauces, vegetables and desserts that are served along with boiled jasmine or brown rice. Thai cuisine is known for its pungency and spicy. But at the same time we ensure that your enjoyment of the rich Thai cuisine has passed without "vozgaraniya. Please let our attentive staff, what level of sharpness you prefer. People who care about health, appreciate fresh seafood, fish, meat cutting, juicy vegetables, spicy vegetables and rice, steamed. Original and unusual desserts allow even a sweet tooth do not deny yourself anything, and at the same time not risk figure. A few words alone is worth saying about soups. They are - an integral part of Thai meal. And eat the soup separately and in parallel with the other dishes for two or three spoonfuls. In general, the Thai meal is not made to adhere to strict rules of serving dishes, as in the Western tradition - the first, second, and dessert. A traditional Thai meal - it is the chaos of the main dishes, desserts, hot and cold snacks, fruits and soups. Start dinner with almost anything. Suffer with strange devices you do not have. Thais use only a spoon and fork. Do not even use a knife. Yes, he did not need. Almost without exception, the products used by Thai cooks, cut into small pieces and prepared so that they can easily be delivered on a plate in his mouth. Enjoy your meal!

Address : 9/12 Tenistaya Street
Telephone : Restaurant: (+38048) 718-18-18, Spa-Salon: (+38048) 718-1-718
Hours : Restaurant and Shop: 9.00 am - 12.00 pm , Spa-Center: 10.00 am - 11.00 pm
Web Address :

Rozmarin Restaurant

Before WWII approximately half the population of Odessa was Jewish.So,Rozmarin,the towns foremost Jewish restaurant gets a deserved mention.The food is prepared according to strict Kosher guidelines e.g no meats are mixed with any dairy produce and bread is baked using only flour,yeast and water.The type of cuisine is both Ashkenizim and Sfaradim. Kosher French,Italian and Crimean wines are available. Seating,in this cafe style restaurant is for about 65 and the place is popular with both jews and gentiles alike.The average price of a main course is about $18-$20. Professionally run by dedicated people.A good place to try Kosher food if you`ve not tried it before.

Address : 46-a Malaya Arnautskaya street
Telephone :344-644, 347-313
Hours : Sun-Thu:10am - 11pm. Fri: 10 am - 3 pm.
Web Address :


Shalimar is restaurant of Uzbekistani cuisine in the heart of Odessa city center. Everybody who goes into this oasis of peace and prosperity is immediately charmed by the Asiatic highly concentrated luxury and comfort. It's always sunny in the "Shalimar". This place is designed for those who prefer to be lazy. It sounds rather natural: «I’m sitting in the "Shalimar" and doing nothing except enjoying life...." It's so easy here to forget about the commonness! When there are so many little beautiful things around you and instead of the ceiling there is a heavenly azure that you want to sprawl on the sofa among pillows and just to dream. These dreams are about the fantastical bends of sand-dunes in the desert, about the caravans and about the most beautiful fantastic oases... It is necessary to say that in this place there are all conditions for dreaming: lavish designed walls won't let your eyes be bored, mild lightning creates the feeling of warmth and there are special secluded corners for those who would like to seclude. And of course you can also try the real Asian culinary receipes.

Address : 50 Grecheskaya Street
Telephone : 8(048)777-47-47
Hours to

SteakHouse: meat & wine

Located right in the center of the center of Odessa (look for the cow), Steakhouse is a well-known and well-liked establishment. Friendly, prompt, easy on the eye service with English menus and rather average prices for the high quality productions, Steaks are very good and there is wide selection of imported wines. Main dishes are creative and tasty.The most unique trademark of the Steakhouse is the wooden box you’ll find on your table containing four kinds of sugar, chocolate, and cardamom seeds, that accompanies all coffee orders. (not to mention the funky toilets with their glass floors). It`s advisable to book a table in advance if you are going at weekends or during the peak holiday season.Get a table near the windows and enjoy free Wi-fi with an afternoon cocktail or coffee and people-watch on Odessa’s main Deribasovskay.

Address : 20 Deribasovskay Street
Telephone : 380-482-348782
Hours : 9 а.m -12 p.m.
Web Address :

Tequila House Mexican Cuisine

The decor of the Tequila House is colorful sombreros, ponchos, chilly peppers, horse blankets and original photographs of old Mexico adorns the walls giving a sunny carnival atmosphere all the year round. The bar where you may sample the best Margarita’s in Odessa. The Cuisine is very aromatic and spicy. Burritos, enchiladas, and chimichangas - these hot seasoned tortillas with various fillings are well known in Mexico. Favorite dishes are Chili con ceso - melted spiced cheese with tomatoes and pepper with corn chips; Chili Diablo - the very name adds spice and fire to the taste. The Fajitas (fried veal, chicken or seafood seasoned with guacamole (traditional avocado paste), pepper and Salsa sauce, the juicy Carne (grilled meat seasoned with various sauces, mushrooms and rice) and Pescado (grilled fish seasoned with shrimp, Martini and Latino spice sauces). Any sweet tooth here knows that a crispy flat shortbread with nuts, apples and caramel is called Empanada de Dulce, a soft milk pudding is called Rio Grande, and the Chef's dainty is Lime pie.

Address : 69 Malaya Arnautskaya street. (corner of Rishelyevskaya)
Telephone : (0482) 33 93 22
Hours to
Web Address :