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Restaurants in Odessa

This beer restaurant is popular for its relaxing atmosphere and traditional fresh German brew. The original European menu has garnered a following among locals and expats alike. Find a comfy niche in one of the three halls or on the terrace, and feast on the mouth-watering items from the grill. The brewing process is on display, and there's also a store selling mugs and other paraphernalia. Concerts, live music and enthralling shows draw crowds on weekends.

Address : 140 B Lustdorfskaya Road
Telephone : (+38 048) 777 - 9677
Hours :1200 am to 12.00 pm
Web Address :


Just down the street from Soborna Park, this is a good family Italian restaurant with good pizza and a limited selection of pasta dishes. Mario's claim to fame is that they deliver pizza and soda to locations within the center. They also make a very good cold coffee frappaccino. there are a few locations for this great pizza resturant.

Address :15 Sadovaya Street
Telephone : 777-0000
Hours to
Web Address :


Irish pub is situated on the most famous street of Odessa.Have a look and you will not be disappointed. We can offer you cozy conditions, perfect service, rich assortment of dishes, delicious "Buffalo Chicken Wings", 7 different sorts of beer, Irish apple-pie, billiards, desktop tennis, banquet hall, live music. You can meet many foreign quests there. We are working non-stop and waiting for You to visit us!

Address : 13 Deribasovskaya Street
Telephone : (8-048) 721 - 5333
Hours : 24 Hours
Web Address :


Mimino is a great restaurant where delicious national Georgian cuisine is served. It provides wonderful service with a wide choice of Georgian traditional dishes. And of course you can enjoy a perfect selection of world-famoous Georgian wines

Address : 2 Zhukovskogo Street
Telephone : (38 0482) 332 508
Hours :10.00 am to 11.00 pm

Mozart Restaurant

This elegant restaurant is located inside Hotel Mozart - directly across the Opera Theater. Great outdoor seating in the summer. Restaurant complex of the Hotel "Mozart" occupies two floors. "VIP" hall furnished with wooden furniture of the 19th century, "Greece" hall and bar are situated on the first floor. "White" hall and open terrace facing Theater Square - on the second floor. There is summer ground of the restaurant on the Theater Square.
Prestige of the restaurant is based on the three whales: quality of dishes, level of service and fines atmosphere. This is the continuation of traditions of the first aristocratic club of Odessa, on which place "Mozart" was started. Among aristocrats of the vanished epoch who used to visit the club as historian’s state, was Alexander Pushkin. Old wine cellars are still wine store houses, served up to the visitors.
The cuisine is European. There are a lot of sea-food dishes in the menu along with traditional Ukraine dishes and European cuisine plus various deserts and wines from ancient cellars. Vegetarian meals are available. The perfect stop for a pre or post-concert dinner. Across the street one will find (appropriately enough) Cafe Scalieri, a fine wine and coffee establishment with its own bakery. A popular and perfect pair of venues for a romantic evening in the center.

Address :13 Lanjeronovskaya Street
Telephone : 380 (0) 482 37-77-77
Hours : 6 a.m.- 11 a.m.
Web Address :

Nippon Can Japanese Resturant

Japanese cuisine for us is exotic, like Japan itself, with its centuries-old traditions and customs, mentality and value system entirely different from ours. Nippon Kan "in Ukraine was created in 2009. The first restaurant open in June 2009 in the city park. The new Nippon Kan on Rishelyevskaya Street opened in 2010 and will give you the color and authenticity of classic Japanese style foods. This restaurant has an excellent choice of hot dishes, and an elegant interior, Tanami room and our hospitality awaits you. Nippon Kan has 2 locations Transfiguration, 28 (City Garden): (0482)36-46-99 and 5 Rishelyevskaya Street (0482)33-8089

Address : 5 Rishelyevskaya Street
Telephone : (0482)33-8089
Hours to
Web Address :

Pan Pizza

Pan Pizza is one of the best pizzerias in Odessa and is also not the usual pizzeria. You can eat freshly made soup, try the pasta or the original dishes and have great desserts. The restaurant is good for business lunches and a relaxing evening meal. Your expectations will not be disappointed – The cooks and waiters will remember your orders. You can then relax with a glass of wine and friendly conversation.

Address :45 Ekaterininskaya Street
Telephone : 34-46-21
Hours to
Web Address :