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Restaurants in Odessa
Italian Kvartal Pizzeria and Restaurant

When entering Italian Kvartal it like entering in to Italy, with its unique color and magnificence architecture style of old Italian Renaissance. The Smiling and attentive waiters will offer you the unique Italian dishes, which are prepared from natural products from Italy. All meals are prepared in the traditional ways, for example, a pizza, is cooked in an oven using only oak fire wood. In this restaurant you will be given a menu in English and Danish languages along with Russian as this restaurant has many foreign visitors.

Address : 62 Preobrazhenskaya Street
Telephone : 38048 7220370
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Khutorok: A fabulous restaurant

This seaside restaurant takes you back to the 19th century Ukraine with its vegetable gardens, summer terraces and several generously decorated halls. Khutorok is a traditional Ukrainian restaurant reviving the national cuisine for both Ukrainians and foreign guests. Odessa residents and guests of the city are literally obliged to enjoy at least one evening in Khutorok, which is situated in the picturesque park of old fortress right above Langeron beach. Wherever you are seated, at a table for two on the terrace with a great seaside view, or at the cozy fireplace in a spacious hall, set in a traditional Ukrainian style, the night of your visit, the great food, and the pleasant atmosphere of .. You should definitely try "Khutorok" salad, royal steak, or veal with horse radish, or order any of fish dishes. The Carte des vins features Georgian, Spanish, French, and Italian wines, together with the new sorts from Chili, South Africa and Australia.

Address :Lanzheron Beach. Shevchenko park
Telephone :380-48- 7353873 / 735-43-28
Hours : 12 a .m. - 12 p.m
Web Address :

KOBE: authentic japanese cuisine

Across the street from the opera theater. Japanese and European cuisine. Excellent Japanese food. The cook prepares the food in front of the guests. Sushi and sashimi are the most popular Japanese dishes in the world. The fresh and natural import products are used only. The variety of different types of sushi include about 20 kings of fresh sea a ocean fish.This wonderful and unforgettable then is performed by cooks from the country of rising sun. You don't feel now the time passes as you are overfilled with emotions and delighted with taste. All dishes are cooked in our guests' presence without using any magic

Address :9 Lanjeronovskaya Street
Telephone :269-806
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Cuisine: European. Restaurant «Kompot» - cheerful facility on the main street of Odessa. Breakfast in the «Kompot» - it is always fresh croissants, bread, coffee, and, of course, compote.

Address : 20 Deribasovskaya Street
Telephone : (8-048) 728 77 75
Hours : 8am to 11pm
Web Address :


If you want tasty traditional Ukranian food, served in pleasant surroundings,at prices that won`t break the bank, then this is an excellent choice.The interior is adorned with everyday houshold items that you might find in a country home and to compliment the dining experience the waiting staff are dressed in traditional Ukranian costume.There is a popular outdoor dining area at the front, which is open during the summer. Some favourites you might like to try are, varenyky: like ravioli, can have various fillings. Pampushki: soft bread rolls soaked in garlic and oil. Deruny: potato pancakes. Holubtsi: cabbage rolls stuffed with meat. Mlyntsi: stuffed pancakes. Seating is for about 100+. An verage main course will set you back just $10. Professionally run. Generous helpings of tasty unpretentious food at agreeable prices.

Address :5 Gavanay Street
Telephone :376-946
Hours :11.00a.m - 12.00 p.m

La Terrazza Bar & Restaurant

A place one simply wants to come and always wants to return to – this is the La Terrazza Bar & Restaurant. Here you may enjoy traditional and original dishes skillfully ‘interpreted’ by our chef Stephane Vaittinadane, dishes combining the latest trends in culinary fashion with the constantly unique taste of the real French cuisine. Among these dishes guests may find both classic French dish tested by time and hundreds of generations, A Rooster in Wine with Homemade Pasta, and exotic Foie Gras with Confi Pumpkin and Porto Caramel, a symbol of refined pleasure. All these exquisite dishes offered in the constantly refreshed menu of the restaurant will surely bring gastronomic delight to all connoisseurs of Côte d'Azur Franco-Italian cuisine. Between May and October you may enjoy your dinner in open air far, from the noise of a big city in a courtyard, sitting on a romantic colonial-style terrace overlooking a swimming pool. Fresh sea air, warm sunrays, and relaxing atmosphere will make your day a truly unforgettable experience at a restaurant with impeccable service.

Address :11 Uyutnaya Street
Telephone : 380 (482) 330-698
Hours :12:00 am till 01:00 pm
Web Address :

Lovchiy Restaurant

The most delicious meat dishes, including deer, etc. If you are fed up with pizza, pasta and fancy some wild rabbit or pheasant or deer then this is the place to come. With it`s old wooden floors,exposed timbers throughout and animal skins adorning the walls this place has the feel of a hunters lodge. Both the menu and wine lists are extensive and varied.If you just want a steak you can watch it being cooked on the open barbecue.About 60 customers can be catered for and the main course average cost is about $16.

Address : 30 Ekaterinskaya Street
Telephone : 724-2293, 218-019
Hours : 11.00 a.m - 12.00 p.m.