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Restaurants in Odessa
Estrellita - Tex-Mex Restaurant

Mexican food. 100 Meters from the Potyomkin Steps, Estrellita is far and away the best Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurant in town — if not in the country. Their salads, soups, burritos, and creative main dishes are all excellent and the service is great. Soups, salads, quesadillas, and burritos cost 25-35 hr. The owner's nationality is revealed by an excellent American-style breakfast menu which is widely known by ex-pats as the best in Odessa and includes real maple syrup. Enjoy genuine margaritas, or maybe one of the wide selection of tequillas, local & imported beers, Georgian wines, or Cuban cigars from their full service bar. Estrellita is open 24 hours a day and there is live music most evenings.

Address :1 Ekaterininskaya Street Odessa,Ukraine
Telephone :372-920 - 375-049
Hours till Last Customer

Fanconi 1872

This popular nighttime restaurant/bar/disco/karaoke venue is open 24 hours a day for those times you wonder to yourself “Where do we go now that everything’s finished and we don’t want to go home?” A ground floor and underground (check out the paintings that adorn and set the mood) provide plenty of plush private seating for this eye catching hangout for the rich and not so rich, famous and not so much so. The drinks are all from the best bottles, the food is all fresh European and Mediterranean fare, diverse and excellently prepared. The Sushi is good; Fankoni is centrally located just off Deribasovskaya. Free Wi-Fi and much more.

Address :15/17 Ekaterina's Street
Telephone :380 (0) 482 34-66-66
Hours :24 Hours
Web Address :

Fanconi Pan Asia

Pan Asia Cross’s the threshold of this compact, comfortable restaurant gives the impression that you are immersed in Nirvana! Imagine the soft, warm lighting, comfortable, comfortable furniture, exotic design, interesting decor elements, reminiscent of the fact that you are in a fairy tale. Second floor restaurant - a haven for those who want to retire in a completely new place for thereself, filled with warmth and exoticism. You will be surprised Pan Asian cuisine. For Asian cuisine from Odessa was not surprised. That is why Pan Asia gaining increasing momentum of popularity with each passing day. The basis of pan-Asian cuisine - dishes of Korea, Japan and Thailand which are modified and transformed by not only national but also European products. That is why today, Pan Asian cuisine - a fashionable and promising culinary direction, to amaze and intrigue visitors, so they can discover a whole new flavor combinations. All meals will help you choose the appropriate national drinks can awaken the appetite, improve mood and to fully experience the exotic enjoy. The restaurant Pan Asia you can try exclusive teas from Japan and China the most diverse varieties, including exotic fruits, flowers and herbs. The finale of your acquaintance with a fantastic restaurant «Pan Asia» should be a hookah, which you can enjoy over the 3-hour ex! Tradition kalyanokureniya in a restaurant set on a high level, it's more than 30 kinds of tobacco, brought from the Arab Emirates and more than 100 flavors, and combinations, performed by a professional in his business!

Address :7 Gavannaya Street
Telephone : 38 0482 33-00-36
Hours : 09:00 - 03:00
Web Address :

Fat Mozes

Mixed European cuisine. Beer restaurant in German style where every evening you can meet lots of young people. The dark tree, stone, muted light, massive wooden tables and benches with high seat-backs create an atmosphere of home cosines. This restaurant is for people who value European cuisine and good serving.

Address : 10 Ekaterininskaya Street
Telephone : 714-4774
Hours to

Four Bulgarians

This place is a welcomed detour from the mainstream. Everything bursts with unique flavour, especially the exciting traditional Bulgarian salads, cheeses and the Bulgarski Sach (large fillets of chicken, veal or pork roasted with vegetables and served in a wine sauce). Each week the chef offers up a new dish of his own creation! Don't fret if you left your Bulgarian dictionary in Varna; the menu is in English and accommodating and mostly English speaking staff will help you make the right selection.

Address : 54/56 Ekaterinenskaya Street
Telephone : (+38 048) 784 04 10
Hours :9.00 am to 11.00 pm


It is one of the oldest beer bars in Odessa. This pub, opened in 1883, was described by Kuprin in the story of the same name. Nobody can't tell exactly how old the contemporary building housing this bar is. It is only known that when Kuprin lived it was situated in the house opposite the street. Later due to some reasons it moved. As before there are heavy oak barrels instead of tables and small kegs instead of chairs. If you are coming to Odessa - be certain to visit "Gambrinus". The air here is really filled with Odessa color and vividness. Traditional European cuisine, excellent beer. Live music every evening.

Address :31 Deribasovskaya street across from city garden
Telephone :263-657
Hours to


The restaurant is situated in resort zone, near Otrada beach, in the territory of Black Sea Yacht Club. You will be able to taste delicious fish cuisine both with delicacies and wines from the whole world in the cosy mess-room. You will be entertained by the magnificent fancy-dressed erotic show in the evening. There is a home cinema, karaoke and a big choice of DVD collection there

Address : Otrada" beach, yacht club
Telephone : 516-808, 429-808
Hours : to