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Restaurants in Odessa
Chito Gvrito

There are many Georgian restaurants in Odessa. The difference of this restaurant is cook, waiters, barmen and all attendants are georgians. When you come into Chito Gvrito, you come to Georgia. As before, Georgians are singing for you here. Present georgian voice, khinkali and sacivi, a drink of georgian wine… What else you need to spend pleasant evening in the centre of Odessa, in the Passage?! And we give catering service. This is the highly skilled personnel. And own catering zone, which is highly equipped. Skilled cooks and waiters under the direction of the head cook are working over creation of your action. The first class confectioner will make a pie of any size and form. And Georgian ensemble will be singing on your holiday.

Address : 34 Preobrazhenskaya Street in the Passage
Telephone :3(8067)405-2425
Hours till Last Customer


Excellent food, Ukrainian and Mediterranean cuisine, specialty of the place being meat dishes which are prepared in the presence of a customer.It"s tasty. It"s cozy. There is an original interior. On Tuesdays Jazz music (alive performance).European,Megiterranean and Odessa cuisine.

Address : In the city garden on Deribasovskaya street
Telephone : 741-33-31
Hours : 11.00 a.m.- till a last client.
Web Address :

Columbus Fish Club

Fish restaurant on the beach "Columbus" has for five years - a place gastronomical and aesthetic recreation for all who know a little about the author's quality cuisine. As a true flagship marine restaurants, "Columbus" with each new season set the tone, style, direction, without tiring surprising novelties, but at the same time remaining true to the chosen course. There's always a lot of air and light, and always as one of the major additions to the dish - a salty, fresh sea breeze. By engaging in the flavor of dishes, it makes them truly unique. Another essential accessory - a stunning view of the sea views from porches and yards Columbus. Exquisitely flavored soft surf, happy sun glare or storm waves carpaccio of scallops c caviar, tiger prawns in rice paper with a salmon tartare sauce and Ponzi, or lobster, grilled with mushrooms, acquire, I think, a very different view - they want to not just words, they want to enjoy. However, the sea - not the only difference cuisine Columbus. The course for the famous Odessa leader chooses chef Igor Kramarenko. Remembering the words of Van Gogh that "The hardest thing to be simple and as a true follower of the great ideas Bocuse, the cornerstone Igor puts the freshness and seasonality of products, of which creates complex in appearance, but quite simple in composition courses. "The peculiarity of the kitchen" Columbus "to not get involved in fashion trends (the abused today, many Ukrainian restaurateurs), and to prepare simple, fresh and quality products understandable food - said Kramarenko. - I like it when the dish is concise, but you can find it infinitely rich bouquet of flavors, fragrances and get aesthetic pleasure

Address : 9 station of the Big Fountain
Telephone : 38 (048) 700-54-59, 728-00-05
Hours till Last Customer
Web Address :

Corvin Whisky Club - Whisky Bar

Whisky Bar «Corvin» was established in 2001 as a small bar with a wide assortment of scotch whisky. Corvin now fills the whole complex with four big rooms.
A Pub with a wide range of beer on draught and commercial scotch whisky. (Scottish Blends, the Irish whisky, American Burbon and others).
The restaurant is divided in to 2 rooms, one styled after a Still house of a Distillery. The whisky room is final room with a collection of over 500 malt scotch whiskies, there is also malt whisky from Ireland, Japan, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Wales, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, India.
The food is great and low in price,

Address : 17 Langeronovskaya street Odessa,Ukraine 65026
Telephone : +380482338800 - Fax: +380482357071
Hours : to
Web Address :


Modeled on the Russian Datcha. However to give you a more better picture just imagine an old colonial house fronted by extensive gardens complete with veranda,whitewashed interior walls,old wooden floors and origonal cast iron bathroom suites,then you have a fair idea of what this place looks like. In the same ownership as, amongst others Greenwich Cafe,this very popular eaterie is located on the upmarket residential Frantzusky Boulevard. Choose between contemporary European or traditional Ukranian cuisine from the hand written menu. A typical main course will cost you about $16. The large garden with it`s foot level lighting has an enduring popularity. Total seating is for in excess of 150.

Address :85 Frantzusky Boulevard Odessa,Ukraine
Telephone :714-3119
Hours to
Web Address :

Don Quixote

Surrounded by senoritas pushing plates torythmic flamenco undertones, it is easy to forget you are in Ukraine. The menu is in Spanish and English. Start with one of the many delectable appetizers then move to the grilled veal medallions in a wine berry sauce or juicy grilled lamb. Superb service and comfy outdoor seating will have you coming back to this fantastic place.Perfect for: business lunch, business meeting, breakfast, late supper, nice weekend, romantic meeting, family,

Address : 16 Bunina street
Telephone : (+38 0482) 32 10 32
Hours to


European cuisine with European BBQ and Japanese cooking, you know the atmosphere of this style restaurant will be lively and unique when first walking into this restaurant. The interior also has motorcycles and classy Design. A unique music stage is elevated and behind the main bar.

Address : 50 Troitskaya street
Telephone : 380482 37 75 74
Hours till Last Customer