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Restaurants in Odessa

This is a mix-aristocratic Russian cuisine, with a slight touch of "French". If you want to know more about the restaurant "Alexander", then a better way than to ask the manager of his Vitaly Zhirova, you will not find. After all, Vitaly - a real encyclopedia of restaurant art! Vitali, your restaurant is literally from the first day was like and are popular among a rather spoiled and capricious Odessa public. How can you explain this success? I think that it is primarily associated with the concept of the restaurant and its location. He is in an old mansion in the historic part of town, where all times lived urban aristocracy, which, as you can imagine, I knew a lot about good food. That's why we visited and thought - to recreate the atmosphere of the era, to find old recipes, to breathe new life into them and invite guests to the restaurant "Alexander"! And what you mean, this atmosphere? For me it means primarily a special relationship to food and the service. Food should be of the best (but not necessarily overseas!) Products, the best cooked the same way. A service should be so good that you should not notice it. Which side will approach the waiter, as he will give you coffee, devices, will hand a dish will take your order depends on this very, very much in the perception of the restaurant guest. This is a very complex process involving psychology, with a live dialogue with different people. For a restaurant to our level this is very important!

Address : 13 Belinskiy Street
Telephone : (380)48725-1111
Hours :12:00 am till 01:00 pm
Web Address :

Aliye Parusa ( Scarlet sails)

Scarlet sails» is one of the oldest restaurants of the city the history of which is more than half a century. «Scarlet Sails» was one of the first cafes for youth in Odessa (where to celebrate the opening of which came Akudgava himself. Many years ago just here started her career now world famous singer Larisa Dolina. There walls tenderly preserve the history of our city as the restaurants is situated in the one of the buildings, where many years ago was built a famous Rishelljevskiy liceum. Now it is a great trade centre which includes restaurant «Scarlet Sails», and a super-market (which is seriously oriented to the art of cookery and produces the culinary masterpieces). At the same time there are flour department (the products of which are delivered through the specialized shop). We have also a great choice of home made pastries, and a baker's shop which present a rich choice of bakery cakes of high quality that were created not long ago but now successfuly work. But the most pride of our restaurant is the summer open air area which is situated beneath the thick green tops of the trees in the Deribasovskaya street. It is the loveliest place of the rest like the Odessa's citizens so the tourists and guests. We also created the new field of service like celebrating holidays and parties at the territory of customer according to his wish and whim.

Address :14 Ekaterininskaya (Deribasovskaya corner)
Telephone :3 (0482) 250-758, 253-438.
Hours to
Web Address :


Amarcord is located on the corner of Zhukovskogo Street and Aleksandrovskij Avenue, The restaurant has impeccable service and the European cuisine is fantastic. The interior of the restaurant is designed in pastel shades and other soft colors to make you dinning very pleasant to your eyes. The restaurant is a perfect place for business lunch or romantic dinner

Address :10 Aleksandrovsky Ave.
Telephone : 22-22-12 or 24-71-97
Hours :10.00 am to 11.00 pm


Considered one of the best in Odessa specializing in Uzbekistan and other Middle Eastern food. Make sure to try the various Kebabs offered here, they are cooked in authentic Uzbek style. Dishes of Uzbekistan kitchen, low prices. A very busy place loved by native Odessens and many foreign guests.

Address : 24-a Genuezskaya Street
Telephone :605-771 or 605-772
Hours to

Arcadia Plaza" hotel complex

”Arcadia Plaza” invites its guests to enjoy delicious European cuisine and traditional Ukrainian cuisine accompanied by an extensive wine in restaurant “Le Duc”, lounge bar “de Voland” or summer pool bar “Cascade”.

Address :1 Posmitnogo Street
Telephone : +38 0482 307 177, +38 0482 307 174, +38 0482 307 100
Hours : 7 a.m. until the last client
Web Address :


The restaurant was built as a replica of an ancient frigate. Soft aroma and sound of burning logs in the fireplace... Romantic dinner with candles right near the sea... All sorts of beverages, wines from the ship basement and of course pirate rum. Our cuisine would satisfy any taste. Disco and charming strip-tease for those searching for active recreation and exotic sites. Banquets, presentations and family holiday’s organization. "Assol" is following the traditions of Odessa hospitality. Every table has an excellent view of the sea. Good music not played too loud. The food is excellent. The service is more than excellent- the STAFF, not just your waiter - anticipates your every need. And the prices are reasonable for a quality restaurant in town - plan on 40$ for complete dinner for two. Put this place on your short list of places to eat.

Address : Arcadia Beach
Telephone : 8048 7153845
Hours : 10:00 am - 03:00 am

Balalaika Restautant.

Balalaika, (a Russian stringed musical instrument) is another recent addition to the Restaurant Scene in Odessa and yet another restaurant offering Russian Cuisine. This is part of a much larger complex including The Love Cafe,and Euro Night Club adjacent. The daily Buffet is very popular offering a choice of Salads, Soups, Pancakes with different fillings and choice of Teas, all for just $10. That apart there is a large selection of Soups,Vareniki, Pelmeni etc. Worth trying is Panfried Kambala, a large Black Sea Flat Fish at around $14 for 200 gr. Crimean Wines start at around $16 a bottle with French and Italian options priced from about $70 upwards. There is live music nightly from 19.00-22.00 with 2 bands alternating at weekends.

Address :24 Lanzheronovskaya Street
Telephone :(+38 048) 784 02 03 or 784 07 08
Hours :9.00 am to 11.00 pm

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