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Poltava Ukraine Photographs: Poltava,Ukraine Photographs: Enjoy our Poltava photo album including local Poltava photographs and pictures of Poltava,Ukraine tourist attractions.

  •   The museum of natural science and history of the region in Poltava
  •   Train station of Poltava, Ukraine.
  •   the Round square architectural ensemble of XIX cent.,
  •   Taras Shevchenko monument
  •   Svyato-Uspenska church in Poltava
  •   The Old Archive Building in Poltava
  •   Friendship Rotunda in Poltava,Ukraine
  •   Kotlyarewsky Museum - Poltava, Ukraine
  •   Gogolia Theatre Poltava, Ukraine
  •   Samson Church (1852-1856) in Poltava built over the common grave of Ukrainian Cossacks and Russian soldiers who died during the Battle of Poltava in 1709.
  •   Monument to Halushky
  •   1709 Battle of Poltava Monument
  •   Monument to the Battle of Poltava
  •   Memorial stone in honour of 800th anniversary of Poltava
  •   Poltava Central Park
  •   The Old KGB Head Quarters in Poltava
  •   Poltava Square
  •   Street in Poltava
  •   View of Poltava.Ukraine
  •   City Veiw of Poltava,Ukraine
  •   City Veiw of Poltava,Ukraine