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Odessa Opera House, Theatres and cinema's

Odessa Opera House - 2nd most beautiful opera house in Europe
The Opera House is one of the best in Europe, goes after Vienna Opera House from architecture standpoint. Exquisite inside decor in the style of Viennese baroque blended with elements of the Italian Renaissance and French rococo, sculptural groups taken from Greek mythology, the stucco moldings and guilt friezes combined with the red velvet of the seats and boxes ? all this tends to create a special atmosphere. There is a viewing platform on the roof of this tremendous building from which the whole city could be observed.

Address: 1 Tchaikovsry Street
Information by phone: 780-15-09
(Ticket Office) 725-24-08
Information on line

Odessa State Regional Musical Comedy Theatre by name M. Vodyanoy
Address: 3 Panteleymonovskaya Street.
Ticket Office Telephone: 25-09-24

Russian Drama Theatre by name Ivanov
Address: 48 Grecheskaya Street
Theatre Office Telephone: 22-72-50
Ticket Office Telephone: 22-45-04

Odessa Regional Puppet Theatre
Address: 15, Paster Street
Telephone: 23-72-93 or 23-20-58

Odessa theatre of young spectator in name N. Ostrovskiy
Address 50, Grecheskaya Street
Visitors room Telephone: 22-27-58
Ticket Office Telephone: 22-48-51

Ukrainian musical - drama theatre by name Vasilko
Address 15, Paster Street
Telephone: 23-53-18
Ticket Office Telephone: 23-89-77

Central theatre cash department" (Tickets sales for all theaters)
Address 28, Preobrazhenskaya Street
Telephone: 22-02-95

Odessa Movie Theaters / Cinemas

Odessa Movie Theater / Cinema
Address: 1/3, Gorkiy Street Telephone: 26-59-58 or 26-59-87

Vimpel Movie Theater / Cinema
Address; 31 Admiralskiy prospectus. Telephone: 68-44-79 or 68-22-18

The house of the officer?s southern operative command
Address: 7/9, Pirogovskaya Street. Telephone: 29-89-84

Zvezdniy Movie Theater / Cinema
Address: 60-a, Geroev Stalingrada Street Recorded Message: 55-31-27
Ticket Office: 55-31-16

Zolotoy Duk Movie Theater / Cinema
Address: 11-e, Academician Glushko prospectus Telephone: 45-98-33 or 45-98-34

Starostin Movie Theater / Cinema
Address: 26, Academician Vorob"eV Street
Telephone: 733-91-45

Moscow Movie Theater / Cinema
Address: 4-a, Varnenskaya Street
Telephone: 66-61-79 or 66-61-59

Rodina Movie Theater / Cinema
Address: 104, Mechnikov Street
Recorded Message: 37-17-17
Ticket Office: 34-62-51

Serp I molot Movie Theater / Cinema
Address: 28 Stepovaya Street
Telephone: 733-97-50

Kino Utochkino Movie Theater / Cinema
Address: 22 Deribasovskaya Street
Recorded message: 37-70-71
Ticket Office Telephone: 37-28-72