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Odessa Night Life
Riviera (12 Fontana)
Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Late Night Scene,Specialty Cocktails,Dancing,Live Music all with a romantic setting | Admission - $Beach 6.00 , The Club Varies
The Scene

Summer Club Riviera is One of Odessaэs elite beaches also is an open air nightclub at night. The club is located directly on the beach with torches, palm trees and sand under your feet and the sky as your roof. Located in a picturesque location by the sea on 12 station Fountain and differs in that it has a covered terrace on the water. The club which is part of the beach resorts located on Riviera. The clubs restaurant is great. The covered terrace has comfortable tables right on the water, you will also fins a good sized dance floor, a bar with a big screen, a hookah. The restaurant specializes in European cuisine, but the restaurant's menu is a wide selection of dishes from seafood to BBQ grill dishes. Riveria on some nights feature’s Russian pop stars or local band. So make sure you know what is on the schedule if you can before you go or check while you are there during the day as this is also one of the best beaches in Odessa. The sand is clean and the water is great and there is plenty of beach side service and there is a pool in the middle of the large patio area of the club.

Address : 12 Station Fontana
Telephone : (048) 773-77-71

Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash, Master Card, Visa | Atmospheres - Beach Area and Beach Club, Restaurant, Late Night Scene, Cocktails and Dancing. | Admission - $ Varies
The Scene

Tropicano is a Summer Club and is located on the beach in Arcadia and operates as a bar-restaurant and entertainment complex where you can ride a roller coaster of beach, play tennis and even come with children's as they have also activities for them. This is a great place to just relax and enjoy the sea and the fresh air. At 8.00 pm the clubs night starts with the traditional disco party and from Friday to Sunday there a show program. Entrance to the club on Monday through Thursday is $3.00 and the ladies enter for girls free till 12.00 pm. On Friday thru Sunday the admission for everyone is $4.00, In addition the staff of Tropicana distributes flyers on the streets of Odessa, which gives you free entrance to the club in the evening. The dance floor in the club hold 800 people and you can quench your thirst in the Brazilian coffee shop or at the Bar. The club also has a vie-area on the sand with hookah’s, plasma screen TV’s and WI-FI. The clubs kitchen serve’s not only traditional European dishes, but seafood, as well as other classic dishes of Odessa. In addition by request the kitchen will BBQ vegetables, fish and meats for you.

Address : Arcadia Beach
Telephone : 8 (048) 728-28-28

Vecherka Odessa
Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Restaurant, Late Night Scene, Specialty-Cocktails, Specialty shows, Striptease and Dancing. | Admission - $ 10.00 or More
The Scene

Restaurant and club has an Interior that looks like a cruise liner, with lots of neon lights, mirrors, illuminators with the panorama of the port will create the feeling of the sea walk without going out into the sea. The music is good and different to all the other clubs. Great on a Sunday night and recommend as a good winter club.

Address : 59 Pushkinskaya street
Telephone : (0482) 32-1421
Web Address :

VISAVIS (Restaurant, Club and Casino)
Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash,Master Card,Visa | Atmospheres - Restaurant, Late Night Scene, Specialty-Cocktails, Specialty shows and Dancing. | Admission - $10.00 or More
The Scene

Vis-a-vis in the heart of Odessa - right on the corner of Deribasovskaya Street. The lounge space is both elegant and stylish and caters to an upscale, well established clientele. Most patrons here tend to be on the older side, but occasional weekend parties bring in crowds of youngsters as well. Make sure the check their schedule to see which parties they have in store. DJs, mostly from Russia come here to play their rounds but occasional pop stars and other live performances may make an appearance. Make sure to look your best as the door staff may hassle anyone not fitting 'the part' for this ultra stylish club. Aside form the club, Odessa's Vis-a-vis boasts a lounge which has received significant attention given its original design and relaxed vibes given its chill music which includes not only funky jazz, but also latest variations from dub house, deep house, acid jazz and many others. And finally, if you feel lucky you can always play Poker on the top floor of the club.

Address :17 Deribasovskaya Street
Telephone : 38(048)777-2003
Web Address :

Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Restaraunt, Late Night Scene, Live Music ,Cocktails, Dancing, Striptease show and more. | Admission - $ 10.00 to $20.00
The Scene

Western is American Themed! But don’t expect to here country music or see any cowboys there or anything else that resembles America. What you will see is hundreds dancing enthusiastically to loud sounds of Euro Pop. It is located at the far end of the Arcadia strip. Its entrance marked by two beautiful dancers shaking it for the crowd below. Every night starting around midnight. Western really gets to partying. Western is a Summer Club in Arcadia just like Itaka, Ibiza and some other it opens annually in mid-May and close’s in Mid September. The club has a very moderate price’s which is rear for arcadia. Western has 2 dance floors, professional lighting and sound equipment will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere and enjoy the music and dance. There is a nightly show program from 9.00 pm to 11.00 which smoothly transforms to dancing which lasts until 6 am. The second dance floor, usually at this time is disco hits 80-90-ies. Service leaves a lot to be desired but the massive round dance floor and its stage is the plus.

Address : Arcadia Beach
Telephone : (048) 715-39-49