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Odessa Night Life
Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Restaurant, Late Night Scene, Specialty-Cocktails, Specialty shows, Striptease, Concerts and Dancing. | Admission - $10.00 to $20.00
The Scene

Itaka is designed as Greek ruins, this massive Odessa nightclub has an enormous dance floor, spectacular stage, massive pillars overlooking Black Sea, seating for 300 people or more , three bars and hundreds of dancing patrons. Each night is kicked off with a spectacular show (usually at midnight). Different nightly shows to keep you coming back. Expect to see anything from a sensual strip tease to multi troop acrobatic performances. Itaka has various options for sitting, with prime seats being leveled next to the stage and the rest either on the 2nd floor or along side of the bar by the dance floor. You will need to make a reservation for prime sitting space. Every week or so during the summer, Itaka is home to performances by Russian and Ukrainian superstars touring through Odessa. Check Itaka's website to see the current schedule. Service at Itaka is good considering the waiters cater to dozens of tables at a time. The menus are large and you can order anything from full entrees to hookahs filled with milk . Itaka's crowd is diverse as Odessa’s population; Western tourists, Russian tourists, drop dead gorgeous girls in mini skirts and a massive number of staff workers wearing nothing but traditional togas. It is hard to think of a place where one can make friends as easily as at Itaka, especially with the help of some exotic drinks that the bubbly bartenders are happy to create and serve. Itaka plays almost exclusively pop with other music styles mixed in to create a great dancing experience.

Address :4 Arcadia Beach
Telephone : 8 (0482) 349-188 or 8 (048) 728-01-75
Web Address :

Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Restaraunt, Late Night Scene, Specialty-Cocktails, Show, Concerts, Dancing, Striptease | Admission - $ 10.00 to $20.00
The Scene

The Palladium is the most popular and the most visited night club in Odessa during the winter months. It’s a restaurant in the daytime. Palladium is centrally located in a newly renovated building not far from the Train Station. It interiors feature multiple levels, funky wall and furniture colors, multiple bars and one massive dance floor. It also serves as performance stage for many national Pop stars who visit Odessa in the winter months. Palladium opens at 11am daily, but functions as a restaurant until 9pm. around 11pm a nightly show begins that is among the best in town. Expect to see many beautiful people there. The show-program starts at 23.00, then disco till morning. A wonderful 2 storey hall. Strip-shows held on the ground floor.

Address : 4 Italian boulevard
Telephone : 728-6566 or 38048728-77-30
Web Address :

PLASMA Party House
Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Restaraunt, Late Night Scene, Cocktails, Dancing, Striptease show | Admission - $5.00
The Scene

This small club is located in Tiereva, a 20 min cab ride from the city center of Odessa. It consists of a dance floor with a drinking/dining area on one side and the bar on the other. There is a live cabaret show on weekends often consisting in part of a striptease act. Cozy atmosphere and interior, allows you to relaxation and absorb all the "positive emotions. The club can accommodate up to 500 people, including 280 seats. Around the perimeter of the restaurant hung large and small plasma screens to broadcast entertainment programs and can be easily seen from any point of view. At the club there is a lounge cafe with a pleasant and relaxing music, soft furnishings and a separate bar. Affordable pricing and a great music format, the quality of their service is improving the status of the club in the entertainment life of the city.

Address : 67 Koroleeva Vilamsa Street,Tiereva
Telephone : (048) 777-67-67
Web Address :

Plaza Beach Club
Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Beach Area and Beach Club, Restaurant, Late Night Scene, Cocktails and Dancing. | Admission - $ Varies
The Scene

Plaza Beach is a summer club and the club design is not the normal club design as soon as you walk in on a semicircular bridge of wood. The bar is covered to give the illusion of a white sail and the wooden "deck" creates the image that a large ship is docked at port. And the stunning view of the Black sea sets a romantic mood. The general idea of the beach Club complex in Arcadia was a combination of 2 themes one a beach resort and the other a cruise ship. As a the design of white walls, wooden deck, masts, sails and guard rails achieve that effect of air, open marine environments a refined simplicity and elegance. The club has a volleyball courts in the sand and the pool area is out of this world. This club has everything for a day in the sun and a night of dancing to the latest Dj’s doing there thing. There are also many parties and events held at this club during the summer months.

Address : Arcadia Beach at the end of the pedestrian walk way
Telephone : 8 (0482) 30-71-07, 30-71-11

Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Late Night Scene,Cocktails and Dancing | Admission - $ 10.00 or More
The Scene

The music is 80-90-ies, which is a major component of almost all parties. The services for visitors - a stylish room with 90 seats, sofas, plasma screen, bar and also hookahs. In addition, the club has a projector that allows you to organize at Praetoria not only banquets, corporate events, business meetings and seminars. The Club Days are Friday and Saturday - with various contests and sweepstakes. Featured club parties in Praetoria include a saxophone-party, which alternates with the hits of past with no remixes. The club restaurant is European cuisine with a large assortment of meat and fish dishes, salads and snacks. It is located in a basement and is a small club! Great for a person not wanting to go to the bigger disco’s in Odessa.

Address : 26 Lanzheronovskaya Street
Telephone : (048) 7266484