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Odessa Night Life
Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash, Master Card, Visa | Atmospheres - Restaurant, Late Night Scene, Romantic Dinning, Specialty Shows and Dancing | Admission - $ 5.00
The Scene

Assol is located at the end of the Arcadia strip, slightly north of Ibiza. It is worth checking out. The staff dresses the part, usually as a pirate or a sailor. Music here is slightly more festive than the rest of the clubs in Arcadia, typically playing Russian and Euro Pop exclusively. Assol packs many tourists but because of its exquisite sea food it is also a favorite among locals. This is an ideal place to have a late dinner.

Address : Arcadia Beach
Telephone : 746-6633

Captain Morgan's
Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Restaurant, Late Night Scene, Specialty-Cocktails, Specialty shows, Striptease and Dancing | Admission - $Free
The Scene

Capitan Morgan’s is a great non-stop club. Here you will find everything you need for pleasurable rest: extreme and shot-cocktails, two bars, dance floor. Capitan Morgan’s menu will meet the tastes of the most particular clients. And what’s important the prices are rather low. Captain Morgan is located in the center of Odessa. The club has two floors, large front verandah made of glass, two bars with a wide variety of cocktails, scene and dance floor, it can place up to 500 visitors. This club often invites DJs and VJs from Kiev, Moscow and Europe, and holds a lot of interesting performances. It’s not only a place where you can just dance, but also one where you can nicely spend your free time talking to someone at the bar or enjoying a performance. Every Friday and Saturday best DJ's, VJ's, PJ's from Kyiv, Moscow and Europe are invited! They also have comedy nights that are named comedy Odessa style The club is situated in a few minutes to walk from Deribasovskaya Street.

Address :30 Zhukovskovo Street
Telephone : (048) 728-8482
Web Address :

Club Yo
Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Restaurant, Late Night Scene, Specialty-Cocktails, Specialty shows, Striptease, Concerts and Dancing. | Admission - $10.00 to 15.00
The Scene

Musical club yo and bowling of 7 stars, is the uniform entertaining complex, located in the center Odessa and borrows one of in the lead places in entertaining industry in Ukraine club yo includes the dance floor, the stage, the sound . 10 Plasma panels and the light equipment of the european standard. the convenient furniture on two circles of the disco and the capacious bar rack, allows to lead comfortably evening up to 1500 visitors of club. Separately from the basic disco is available " disco bar " with the dancing on 150 person. Bowling of 7 stars has contained in itself two bar racks with greater assortment of drinks, 8 paths of firm " braunswick ", two billiard tables for the pool and one table for russian billiards. The convenient upholstered furniture promotes pleasant pastime. Kitchen also european.

Address :15 Polskiy spusk street
Telephone : Club phone: (380)48237-1515 , Restaurant : (380)48230 -7833, Bowling (380)48237-1414
Web Address :

Euro Party Club/Love Cafe/Entertainment Complex
Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash, Master Card, Visa | Atmospheres - Restaraunt, Late Night Scene, Live Music ,Cocktails, Dancing, Striptease show and more. | Admission - $ 10.00 or More
The Scene

EURO PARTY CLUB - a club premium, where all visitors - VIP, but not by status, but in relation to the client. The concept of institution - a club for top events, that is, every event in the "Euro Party Club" - an event. The main dance club "Party Club" has established itself as the favorite place of Odessa fashionable hangouts. Professional sound system Tannoy, high quality lighting equipment, 2 bars, a stylish interior and comfortable layout, beautiful upholstered furniture - the service of "Party Club". On Fridays, you work the best House DJ `s from around the world on Saturday - the best DJ` s city. The Euro Party Club isn't just another club in Odessa's city center. It’s a mega-club / lounge / hookah bar / entertainment center and a host to high profile parties. Therefore the doormen can be super serious and you should dress trendy and hip to assure getting in. This club consists of a number of separate areas, each providing its own flavor to fulfill whatever desires you may get throughout the night.

Address : 12 Ekaterininskaya Street
Telephone : 38(048) 784-02-03 or 38(048) 784-07-08
Web Address :

Night Club / Bar Details : Payment - Cash | Atmospheres - Beach Area and Beach Club, Restaurant, Late Night Scene, Specialty-Cocktails, Specialty shows, Striptease, Concerts and Dancing. | Admission - $15.00 to 20.00
The Scene

Visiting DJs and live music are a must in the most popular of nightclubs and Ibiza is no exception. This white-washed, open-air venue is built on two levels and gets very busy, especially at weekends. Tables are particularly difficult to come by unless booked and the dance floor is comparatively tiny. Despite that, Ibiza retains its air of popularity and remains at the top of Odessa Ukraine’s most popular nightclub spots.. Shaped like an ant hill and entirely outdoors on the beach, this Odessa nightclub boasts numerous bars, seating for over 100, massive stage, multiple TVs and one jam packed dance floor. Ibiza is located directly in the middle of Odessa’s Arcadia strip, entirely outdoors and about 100 meters away from the Black Sea. The interiors, while as mentioned is shaped like a massive ant hill, has a very clean look to it, as the walls of the structure are all painted in white. Odessa’s Ibiza is home to some of Europe’s well known DJs, who frequently come to Odessa and make their rounds through this wonderful club. Hundreds of patrons visit Ibiza nightly, most to do nothing but relax, listen to music and dance as it provides probably the most perfect setting to do so while in Odessa. Unlike neighboring clubs, this club plays exclusively house and techno. Drinks are served with enthusiasm and are surprisingly cheap on a comparison basis. Ibiza’s crowd reflects that of Odessa’s general population. It is a big mix of tourists, locals, electronic music enthusiasts and some of the most beautiful club dancers Odessa and probably rest of Ukraine has to offer. On any given weekend Ibiza will have a dozen or so dancers around the club, hyping up the music and dancing relentlessly. It is a sight not to miss. Many Pop shows take place also in Ibiza; make sure to check their schedule for upcoming acts. Also, make sure to make a reservation for a table in advance and in person.

Address :Arcadia Beach
Telephone : (8-048) 777-0205
Web Address : http://

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